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Enhanced Care Management

What is Enhanced Care Management

ECM is a Medi-Cal program designed for people with complex needs and facing difficult life and health circumstances.

Do you have difficulty:

  1. Understanding and managing your health condition
  2. Maintaining and arranging transportation to medical appointments
  3. Managing medication
  4. Trouble with finding the appropriate medical doctors, dentist, and mental health providers

At no cost to you:

We will assign a dedicated care team from one of our four plan providers to advocate on your behalf.

The team includes a lead care manager

You will be assigned a lead care manager who is your main point of contact you assign to discuss your healthcare needs and goals. 

How can ECM program help me?

  • Find Medical providers within your plan provider network.
  • Speak with your medical doctors, mental health providers , specialist and pharmacists to assist you with understanding your healthcare needs 
  • Schedule appointments for health related services
  • Manage Medications
  • Set up a ride to go to the doctor or pharmacy.
  • Apply for community-based Services:
    • Housing
    • Medically nutritious food
    • Personal Care Services, such In- home support services

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