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Concise Connect

Concise Connect is decidedly personal, undeniable knowledgeable, and extremely resourceful.

Concise Connect pioneers merging the access and convenience of technology with tailored content and resources that comes from information and insight needed to make challenging decisions with confidence.​

We cater to adults ages 18 and older who may not be able to complete their activities of daily living or need an understanding of their condition. We have a portal to provide healthcare information for those who are in the aging process, caregivers to those who are aging, those who have declined mentally or physically, and for loved ones who are caring for those who suffer with severe health or mental disorders.​

​ ​ We want to help people build the confidence it takes to participate and make the best decisions regarding the care of their loved ones. With our resources, experience, and Concise knowledge. ​ ​

Here's How It Works

Top US companies use Concise Connect digital platform to have access to expert advisors to educate and empower employees to resolve modern caregiving challenges quickly and efficiently, no matter the age, stage, crisis, or concern.

Additionally, our core staff has been in your situation and has first-hand experience with senior care placement and managing over 100 beds at both skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.

It’s one thing to understand what someone is going through; and another thing to know it and feel it​.

How We Will Help Your Employees

Identify Relevant Information

The first step is gaining relevant knowledge about the situation they face. After creating a profile or asking a question, the platform delivers curated, up-to-date intelligence designed to empower the caregiver to take action.

Tracks User Engagement

Our data-driven approach then tracks engagement with the platform to provide greater personalization and support throughout the journey with relevant videos, webinars, podcasts and more.​

Offers Expert Advice

We also provide one-on-one expert advising and local-level support when critical caregiving needs arise.​

Provides Opportunities for Improvement

Our platform gives employee caregivers the opportunity to learn about their overall effectiveness in their role as caregivers so that they can improve over time.


Similar to estate planning, Concise’ CareCrafting™ is designed to take the stress and uncertainty out of elder care transitioning. Together we work side-by-side with you to develop a concise plan for your geriatric care if or when the time comes to make a lifestyle change. ​