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Assisted Living Waiver Program

The ALWP is designed to financially assist Medi-Cal beneficiaries to live in a licensed board and care, Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE), or Adult Residential Facility (ARF) as an alternative to a nursing home. 

The board and care, RCFE, or ARF must be a Medi-Cal-approved vendor. Medi-Cal reimburses for the activities of daily living services, such as bathing/grooming/dressing, medication management, three meals and snacks, transportation services to medical appointments, and other essential needs. However, the resident is responsible for paying for their room and board rate. 

In 2023, for participants with a monthly SSI income of $1,492.82, the room and board rate is $1,324.82. For participants with an income of $1,492.82 or greater, the room and board rate is $1,344.82.

ALWP eligible individuals are those who are enrolled in Medi-Cal and meet the level of care as determined by the assessment of a medical professional. Individuals with Medi-Cal benefits that include a “share of cost” may not be enrolled in the ALWP.
The applicant can proceed in completing an intake application for pre-qualification. Our office will review your application and inform you of your enrollment status.
Once your enrollment is accepted, our office will schedule for an R.N. to complete an in- person assessment to determine the required level of care. Then we will assist you on gathering the additional required documents to complete the admission approval process.
After the completion of the admission approval process, our Care Coordinator then will assist you with finding an ALWP Facility Participant. We will arrange for tours and the facility assessment.